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Are All Cary Home Improvements Created Equal?

You want your home to look as nice as possible while you live there or when you put it on the market. But which projects will give you the most return-on-investment of your remodeling dollars? The list below provides information on the best remodeling paybacks.

Project Cost ROI
New air conditioning/heating system heating/75% ac $2,000-4,500 100%
Minor kitchen remodeling $2,000-8,500 94-102%
Add bathroom $5,000-12,000 92%
Major kitchen remodeling $9,000-25,000 90%
Add family room $30,000 86%
Remodeling bathroom $8,500 77%
Add fireplace $1,500-3,000 75%
Build a deck $6,000 73%
Remodel home office $8,000 69%
Replace windows $6,000 68-74%
Repair Flooring $1500-2500 50%
Replace Carpeting 42500-4000 39%
Paint Exterior $2000-3200 34%

Quick and Inexpensive Home Repairs

Listed below are some low-cost improvements that people tend to forget about.

  • Fix sticky windows and replace missing screens
  • Repair leaks
  • Fix toilets that run continually
  • Repair broken appliances
  • Repaint
  • Clean the garage
  • Clean carpets
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Replace missing shingles
  • Oil squeaky doors

Fixing these small repairs will make your home more comfortable for you and convince your potential buyers that your home is in move-in condition and that they needn’t worry about moving into the dreaded fixer-upper.

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