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Pricing Your Cary Home for Sale Accurately

Your Cary home's value is ultimately what a buyer is willing to pay at any given time. Your final list price may depend on many factors: If you want to sell quickly or you are in a buyer's market, you may decide to set your price lower than market value. On the other hand, if you're in a seller's market where multiple offers are common, you may want to set your price higher than market value.

To arrive at an accurate price:

  • Ask the LG Real Estate Team - If you plan to work with a Cary NC listing agent, we recommend you interview several Cary real estate agents before you choose one. Your agent should offer you an honest assessment of your home's value using real-time data from the Cary MLS. When deciding which agent "to hire", always consider how (and where) the agent plans to market your Cary home.
  • Know how to read a comparative market analysis - A comparative market analysis should take into account repairs, improvements, and annual costs (such as property taxes) of your Cary home, in addition to its size, features, and amenities. Expect to receive a written analysis of recently sold similar properties from your Cary neighborhood as well as comparable homes currently listed for sale in the immediate Cary area.
  • Get an appraisal - If you want confirmation of the list price you have in mind, you can always secure a pre-sale appraisal. Appraisers use comparable sales in addition to other information to make their determinations.

The Importance of Pricing Your Cary Home - RIGHT

A common hurdle to selling a property is getting the price right the first time. Nothing is more important than pricing your home
at a competitive market value from the very beginning. Consider these very important facts:

  • Most Cary NC real estate buyers typically search within a price range of plus or minus 5% of their target price – a well priced home results in more showings and better offers.
  • The optimal time for selling your Cary property is during the first three weeks your home is on the market.
  • An accurately priced home will sell faster and for a higher amount. Today’s market is extremely competitive.
  • Buyers are aware of long exposure periods and often hesitate to consider the property, many times automatically assuming “there must be something wrong with it.”
  • MLS statistics show that properties on the market for long periods of time often eventually sell for even less than fair market value.

Curious How Much Your Cary Home is Worth?

If you are thinking about placing your Cary home on the market, and need to know it's market value, contact us here at LG Real Estate, your Cary real estate experts and we will gladly provide a complimentary home evaluation.

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