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Tips for Listing Your Cary Home for Sale

Step #1 Get the Facts!

Read most Cary real estate web sites and the first thing you are bound to read is " pick me to list your home", or " choose me to sell your Cary home". Before you select a Cary real estate agent to market your home, we suggest you do your homework first. Does the team here at LG Real Estate want to list your home? Sure we do! But, it is in your best interest to be a fully informed home seller. That way you will make the smartest decision possible when it comes time to market one of your most valuable possessions - your Cary home!

It is recommended you prepare for the sale of your Cary home by doing the following:

  • Make appropriate repairs - Now is not the time to undertake major improvements or renovations. It is generally wiser to make only necessary repairs (such as repairing a broken light light switch, replacing cracked windows or rickety front steps) and cosmetic improvements (such as painting the exterior, adding fresh mulch and planting flower beds) that will enhance your Cary home's marketability
  • Neutralize your decor - Eccentricities that you find charming may not charm a buyer. Consider replacing out-of-date carpeting, painting odd-colored rooms, and otherwise polishing your home's appearance. Pare down visible personal possessions. You may also want to kennel your pet during this time, and hire extra cleaning help while your house is on the market. For more great tips to getting your Cary home ready for the market, take a look at this Cary Home Selling Resource!
  • Get a pre-sale inspection - Want to offer real peace of mind to your potential Cary home buyer? Purchase a pre-sale home inspection. It can often ward off costly surprises from the buyer's inspector. Inspections usually cost $300 to $400, but if the inspection reveals major termite damage or the need for a new roof, it could affect your decision to sell as well as your price. Always select a qualified home inspector.
  • Deal with disclosures - North Carolina real estate law requires all home sellers complete a Residential Property Disclosure Statement (new homes and land sales are excluded). On the disclosure statement, home sellers must answer a series of questions relating to their property. Home sellers can choose to answer yes, no or make no representation as far as the known condition of the property he/she is selling. Also, the seller's real estate agent is required by law to state all "material facts" he/she knows or should reasonably know about the property he/she is marketing. Make sure you understand what you need to disclose and decide whether to make any repairs or adjust your asking price.
  • Other disclosures Cary homes sellers should be aware of include the lead paint disclosure for homes built before 1978 and a disclosure form for condos built after October 1, 1986. All homes must provide these disclosures including those Cary home sellers who choose to go FSBO (for sale by owner).

Need more Cary home seller resources? Take a look at Get Your Cary Home Ready for the Market article.

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