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Staging the Exterior of Your Cary Home

Most real estate advice tells you to work on the outside of the house first, but unless there is a major project involved, we believe it is best to do it last. There are two main reasons for this. First, the first steps in preparing the interior of the house are easier. They also help develop the proper mind set required for selling - beginning to think of your "home" as a marketable commodity. Second, the exterior is the most important. A home buyer’s first impression is based on his or her view of the house from the real estate agent’s car.

So take a walk across the street and take a good look at your property. Look at other homes in your Cary neighborhood, too, and see how yours compares.

Top Areas of Focus for the Exterior of Your Cary Home

  1. A manicured yard is a must! It should be evenly cut, freshly edged, well watered, and free of brown spots. If there are problems with your lawn, you should probably take care of them before working on the inside of your home. Always rake up loose leaves and grass cuttings.
  2. Is your landscaping at least average for the neighborhood? If it is not, buy a few bushes and plant them. Do not put in trees. Mature trees are expensive, and you will not get back your investment. Also, immature trees do not really add much to the appearance value of the home.
  3. Add a splash of color. Buy mature colorful flowers and plant them. They add a splash of vibrancy and color, creating a favorable first impression. Avoid bulbs and seeds - they take too long to grow.
  4. Paint or not to paint. When you look at your house from across the street, does it look tired and faded? If so, a paint job may be in order. It is often a very good investment and really spruces up the appearance of a house, adding dollars to offers from potential home buyers.
  5. Color selection? Avoid garish and unusual colors. Often restrictive covenants will determine what colors are allowed and which ones are not allowed. The color should compliment the style of your home, too. For some reason, different shades of yellow seem to illicit the best response in home buyers, whether it is in the trim or the basic color of the house.
  6. What's the condition of your roof? Does it leak? If so, it might be time to re-shingle the roof or replace the existing shingles. If you are not sure, you can always wait and see what the home inspector says. Why spend money unnecessarily?
  7. The front stoop should be warm and inviting. Remove clutter and make it shine! Add a pot of flowers to add a touch of color!
  8. If you have a cute little plaque or shingle with your family name on it, remove it. Even if it is just on the mailbox. You can always put it up again once you move. Get a new plush door mat, too. This is something else you can take with you once you move.
  9. Make your front door sparkle. It's the gateway to your Cary home so make certain it sparkles. Add a coat of fresh paint if necessary.
  10. Make sure your door locks work easily and the key fits them properly. When a home buyer comes to visit your home, the agent uses the key from the lock box to unlock the door. If there is trouble working the lock while everyone else stands around twiddling their thumbs, this sends a negative first impression to prospective home buyers. Don't forget to make certain your doorbell works. Success is hidden in the details!

Tips for the Backyard of Your Cary Home

The backyard of your Cary home should be tidy. If you have a pool or spa, keep it freshly maintained and constantly cleaned. For those that have dogs, be sure to constantly keep the area clear of "debris." If you have swing sets or anything elaborate for your kids, it probably makes more sense to remove them than to leave them in place. They take up room, and you want your back yard to appear as spacious as possible, especially in newer homes where the yards are not as large.

Ask an Expert - A Cary Real Estate Agent Expert!

If you're not sure where to begin or what needs to be tackled first, click or call us here at LG Real Estate. We will gladly come to your Cary home, evaluate it and offer our unbiased professional opinion what to do and to best elevate your home's positives and minimize any negatives. Contact us today.

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