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Cary Public, Private, and Magnet Schools

From our exceptional public schools in Cary, NC to our private schools your child will benefit from attending our fine institutions. You will Cary has some of the highest-ranking schools in the Southeast and the nation. Offering a mix of traditional, charter and magnet programs, Cary schools are on the leading edge for curriculum and academics. Add to that the fine private schools in Cary and you'll have no problem finding the right educational opportunities for your child.

Cary Public Schools - Part of the Wake County Public School System

Cary schools are a part of the second largest school system in the state of North Carolina, the award-winning Wake County Public School system. The system is comprised of 121 schools (78 elementary, 23 middle, 16 high and 4 special/alternative), and includes both traditional and magnet programs.

Cary Public Schools Magnet Programs

The Cary Public Schools magnet programs, which are designed to provide advanced studies for promising students, encompass such areas of study as creative arts, sciences, international studies, classical studies, foreign languages, statistics, engineering, dance, and ballet. A number of schools in the area have transitioned to a year-round program, offering a more balanced approach to families, and overcoming the 'summer gap' that leaves so many Cary area students behind at the beginning of a traditional school year.

Cary Private Schools

We are very fortunate to have many outstanding private schools in Cary. While all offer excellent academic performance two schools in our area really stand out in the crowd - the Cary Academy and the Cary Christian School . Each of these Cary private schools excel in both academic preparation as well as offering opportunities for a well-rounded Cary student. Both Cary Academy and the Cary Christian School each provide extensive athletic programs and many extra-curriculum activities producing a student prepared for the next level of their educational process. For a complete list of Private Schools in Cary, please click on this Cary Private School List.

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Considering relocation to Cary, NC? Are you looking to list your Cary home and/or buy a new home in Cary, NC? You have come to the right place – As one of the top Cary real estate agent teams, this website will provide all the information you need to make the best possible Cary home buying decision. Here you can read about all the tremendous amenities, the outstanding Cary Public and Private schools, the local Cary government and the infrastructure too! If you happen to see a home for sale in the Cary area that interests you, please call us today to arrange a personal showing.

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