Cary Trivia

The town of Cary was incorporated as a "dry town" in 1871. When did Cary legalize the sale of alcohol? 

 A) 1925        B) 1964        C) 1948

The correct answer is:   B) 1964

What are the all time high and low temperature records for Cary?

    Record High Temperature:  C)  105 degrees  in 1952 & 2007

Record Low Temperature: B)  -9 degrees in 1985

When was Cary Academy Established?

A)  1870     B)  1997

Both Answers are correct

Cary Academy was first established in 1870. Frank Page, Cary's first mayor and postmaster, donated the land and lumber and the school was built on Academy street. In 1907, Cary Academy was bought by the State of NC and renamed Cary High School.

Cary Academy as we know it today was founded by two families, Jim and Ann Goodnight and Ginger Sall of SAS. The school, located on North Harrison Avenue, opened it's doors in 1997.

Is the town of Cary NC larger than San Francisco?

Yes, the town of Cary is larger than San Francisco.


San Francisco: 46.9 square miles

Town of Cary: 55.4 square miles

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