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The Advantages of Buying an Existing Cary Home

What you see is what you get. In a Cary neighborhood like Weatherstone which was built in 1993, the development has reached build out phase. You can see what is around the corner, what services are nearby, and who your neighbors are. You can see what kind of growth is taking place, and you can review the comparable's (similarly priced Cary homes for sale in the neighborhood of Weatherstone). You can see what kinds of updates are being done by other families to make the most of the space and what kinds of amenities they are adding.

Ask the Cary Neighborhood Experts!

Ask a member of LG Real Estate to help you investigate the community on your own. In fact, an established Cary neighborhood like Weatherstone could offer significant value and make a great home buying opportunity for your family.

Remember these Cary Existing Homes Tips

  • Most desirable Cary neighborhoods like Preston net a full recovery on remodeling costs. If you are shopping in an area that is being "rediscovered," you may find that you can get 80 percent to more than 100 percent of your remodeling costs back. Improvements help your Cary home, your neighborhood, and your community. Who wouldn't appreciate a new kitchen for $30,000 (new cabinets, appliances, countertops from Home Depot, for example), if that means a $310,000 investment gets you as up-to-date as comparable new homes at $350,000?
  • Negotiation. Because of the low margins on new homes in Cary, often there is very little opportunity for negotiation. While the market is somewhat soft now, a Cary home builder may still be willing to sit a while on an unsold home to get the right price because he has more leverage. The average home owner may be in a must-sell position and may be more willing to deal on issues such a move-in and repairs, especially if you insist on a repair allowance. That can provide needed cash to make repairs without your having to incur a home improvement loan right away.
  • Affordability. Most existing Cary homes are competing with the clean, fresh look of new homes. Very few new homes in Cary will go on the market needing paint and other cosmetic touches. Although you won't have as many amenities, you will likely have more space to make and add improvements. So you don't have a trash compactor. You probably wouldn't in a new starter home, either. But you can always add one when the time comes. Make improvements as you go, or move up to a better home.
  • Hidden costs. With an existing Cary neighborhood, you won't be surprised by costs that aren't covered by a new-home purchase, except unforeseen repairs. Landscaping is already installed, but in many new homes, only the front yard is sodded. If you want additional landscaping you will have to add them yourself or have the builder add them for an additional fee. Also, many features in model homes are not standard when you are having your Cary new home built. You have to make sure you know what is included and what is not, as the extras could be steep.

Weigh Your Cary Home Buying Options and Your Priorities!

Weigh your costs, the amount of time you want to spend on improvements, and community amenities, and you will be better able to decide whether new construction or an existing Cary home is the right purchase for you. For your personal tour of any neighborhood in Cary, contact LG Real Estate today!

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