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With families moving every 7 years or so, we are a mobile society. It's never easy relocating from one town to another. Too often the relocation process can seem like a theme park ride. Nervous excitement on one hand, followed moments of fear of the unknown the next. The primary mission of this Cary real estate website combined with our team's expertise, is to make your relocation process to Cary as enjoyable a process as possible and most certainly less dramatic. So how is this accomplished you ask? Stay tuned!

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Number 1 – we begin by recognizing that moving across town or across the country is a pretty complicated matter. It requires the assistance of a highly seasoned team of relocation experts. Number 2 - experience does matter especially when we are talking about you, your family and your prized possessions. Helping hundreds of other families just like yours move to Cary, we place your needs front and center and never loose sight of the goal - complete satisfaction.

From Your First Communication to Closing - It's All About You!

You have our promise your move to Cary will be efficiently managed exceeding your highest expectations! You can count on these time-tested services from the moment of our initial meeting clear through to your closing and beyond!

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Top Rated Schools in Cary

Our local Cary area schools, both public and private, are rated among the finest in the state of North Carolina. Go to any local Cary major employer including SAS, IBM or Caterpillar and ask why they selected Cary to call home, and most will tell you say the number one reason many companies and corporations choose Cary is because of the “A” rated Cary/Wake County educational system. Need more reasons to relocate to Cary?  Take a look at the amenity-rich Cary neighborhoods in Wake County now.

We Are Moving to Cary - HELP!

It all begins with an email or maybe even a phone call with the party on the other end of the line saying "we are moving to Cary - HELP!" Orchestrating your move to Cary will be easier with your Cary MLS property search tool helping you locate properties that fit your needs. Add to that all the other rich resources available here at, and you will be well on your way to buying your new Cary home with confidence. If you just received word that you have been hired by SAS and need to make your move to Cary, contact us, the LG Real Estate Team today and we will go to work for you. On behalf of the entire LG Real Estate Staff, allow us to be the first to say - welcome to Cary!

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